Can I use the Clarity Cleanse if I’m taking prescription or pharmaceutical medication?
The products Clearly You and Cleansing Clay will clean the body of small amounts of residual medications left in the system after they have done their work. In most cases this will help reduce toxic levels and provide mineral nourishment for the hormonal system of the body.  However, with so many toxic and addictive medications being prescribed, there is no way to predict what impact those residual amounts of medications are having on your body, or how fast they will leave the system.
Generally speaking, clays and clay baths can be safely used within one or more hours before or after taking a prescription medication. However, if withdrawal symptoms appear, it is best to extend the time between taking your Clearly You and using the Living Waters Bath Kit.  As always, work with knowledgeable health professionals who respect both traditional medicine and naturopathic practices as well.
If you are taking time release medications, please contact the Life Made Edible office before starting the Clarity Cleanse. Some time release medications my not interact well with the Clarity Cleanse.  To find out if your medications are time release, please contact your pharmacist.
Will using the Clarity Cleanse impact the effectiveness of the pill, shot, or patch birth control methods?
There have not been any studies completed, as of publication, on the direct impact the Clarity Cleanse, or its individual products, has on the effectiveness of hormone or pharmaceutical based birth control methods.

It is recommended that you always use a backup birth control method if you are using a hormone or pharmaceutical based contraceptive.  Basically, if in doubt, always use a backup.
If you are pregnant or nursing, we do not recommend cleansing.