Looking beyond one-size-fits-all nutritional solutions

Over the last century we’ve witnessed a profound shift in our perspectives toward health and wellness. We, as Americans, have come to practical realizations that there are no real magical solutions for most ailments, disorders, and imbalances, and that sustainable health is linked to internal (diet), and external (exercise), motivators. On some levels, this seems […]

The Wellness Chef’s Assessment on Malnutrition: A Case Study

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Betty: 55 y/o female, Stage III Cancer of the LarynxTreatment: Active Chemotherapy combined with Radiation Symptom: Nausea/Vomiting – with the use of Cisplatin, but not limited to. Strategies: Hydration: If you are feeling nauseated or actually vomiting, it is so important that you get adequately hydrated. The more dehydrated you get, the worse your symptoms […]

Getting Enough Protein When Reducing Your Meat Intake

Getting Enough Protein When Reducing Your Meat Intake

What is that “Something’s Missing” Feeling Really Telling You? The subject of “getting enough protein” is probably the most over-rated piece of misinformation put out by the American Medical Association and the FDA. Many health foodists, especially vegetarians, have mistakenly attributed that “low energy feeling” to a low protein sign. The typical response is to […]