Superfood Nutrient System

Superfood Nutrient System is designed to provide you with a daily storehouse of nutrition so your body will have what it needs year round to clean house and rebuild itself! As the body regains its original design over time, it simply heals itself, regardless the prior imbalance.

The entire program contains over 100 herbs, spices and superfoods in their natural forms. Each plant, sea vegetable, or mineral source contains 20-400+ nutritional compounds designed by Nature to support your tissues, bones, organs and glands in just the right way.  All of our products are carefully harvested and blended using only whole earthen foods, consciously grown with no fillers or isolated compounds.

Plus, you get your complete vitamin and mineral needs met in great abundance as well! Thus, the ability to eliminate less efficient supplements, putting more cash back into your pocket and more “Life” back into living.

Superfood Nutrient System Guide

The Build Your Core Program Kit:

The basic core of the Superfood Nutrient System consists of two products that will build minerals and electrolytes that will assist all of your  body systems.

1.) Hydro-Clay and Mineral Infusion  provides the basic building blocks for all other nutrient requirements of the body. Increases hydration and re-mineralization, alkalizes, improves digestion, increases endurance, and detoxifies.

2.) Green Cuisine  chlorophyll-dense superfoods abundant in minerals, protein, amino acids, and thousands of nutritional compounds. Taken regularly, this blend will provide a complete natural form of vitamin and mineral nutrition, eliminating the need for additional less effective vitamin formals.


Body System Builders:

Our body systems (Digestive System, Immune System, Circulatory System, etc.) require forms of nourishment that are specific to each organ or gland in order to function at optimal levels. The herbal and clay formulas which provide these unique forms are called our Body System Builder Formulas.

Body System Builder Formulas listed below, are designed to serve as adjuncts to the Build Your Core Package Kit listed above, and are selected based on unique individual needs. These formulas are added to increase emphasis on specific body systems that you wish to build to greater functioning capacity.

If you are not sure which Body System Builder Formulas to add to your Build Your Core Package Kit, you may call our office to speak with our Certified Wellness Coaches or in-house Nutritionist to better understand our general program, or how & why a specific Body System Builder Formula may be used.

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Body System Builder Options Guide:

The Digestive System – stomach, liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, small & large intestines

Enzymes for Life  Activates liver bile and pancreatic digestive enzyme production.

Mighty Minerals  – Includes naturally-occurring magnesium with slight laxative effects.

C’- Food & Digestive Tonic – Contains berries known for their excellent digestive effects.

Full Circle Flora -Soil based prebiotics & probiotics are essential for complete digestion of food.

Cleansing Clay -Gut lining repair, taken 20 minutes before a meal provides minerals for improved digestive juice production.


The Immune System  – thymus, intestines, spleen & lymphatic glands, adrenals

Ideal Immunity  Builds immune response powers to address all forms of pathogens.

Clean Spleen – The spleen & lymphatic system manufacture over 100 trillion antibody types.

Renal & Adrenal Support  – Adrenals manufacture antihistamines & cortisone.

Cleansing Clay – Strengthens immune response powers through mineral and electrolyte nutrition.


Energy, Stamina & Mental Focus – adrenals, spleen, nervous system

Food for Thought    Adaptogens, Evexias clay & brain herbs.

Renal & Adrenal Support – Adaptogens, adrenal support herbs, adrenals are the foundation of good energy.

Clean Spleen  An overstressed spleen can produce melancholy and loss of drive.

Ideal Immunity  – Often low energy is due to fungal/pathogen overgrowth.


Sleep System  Pineal gland, adrenals, kidneys

Mighty Minerals  – Contains magnesium for relaxation of muscles & mind.

Cleansing Clay  – Taken with Mighty Minerals before bed helps speed sleep and improve getting back to sleep in the middle of the night.

Renal & Adrenal Support – Taken during the day it strengthens adrenals, thus reducing nighttime cortisol, strengthens kidneys to slow nighttime urination.


Kidney & Urinary System – kidneys, bladder

Renal & Adrenal Support – Kidneys regulate urination frequency.

Mighty Minerals  – Kidneys require electrolytes.

Ideal Immunity  – The immune system responds to infections in the kidneys & bladder.

Enzymes for Life  – Proper digestion assists the kidneys to dissolve stones.


The Heart & Circulatory System – heart, veins, arteries, capillaries, pulse, blood pressure, cholesterol

Renal & Adrenal Support  Adrenals regulate the heart, kidneys help regulate blood pressure.

Enzymes for Life – Bitter herbs promote bile activity, bile regulates cholesterol levels.

Mighty Minerals – Calcium & magnesium electrolytes support a good heart rate.

Cleansing Clay – Minerals & electrolytes are essential to heart, nerve and circulatory functions, minerals support vein/artery integrity and thus lower plaque build-up.


The Liver & Gall Bladder 

Enzymes for Life – The liver clears itself, the blood and gall bladder through bile production and other means.

Cleansing Clay  Clay packs on the liver.


The Blood – cleanse and build the blood

Green Cuisine – Chlorophyll-dense superfoods help cleanse and build blood.

Clearly You – Chlorophyll-dense superfoods help cleanse and build blood.

Enzymes for Life – The liver clears the blood through bile production.

Renal & Adrenal  Supports the kidney’s blood cleansing effects.

Clean Spleen – The spleen recycles dead red blood cells and stores iron for the blood.


The Dental System – teeth, gums, mouth, tongue

Ideal Immunity A strong immune system is essential for healthy teeth and gums.

Cleansing Clay – As a mouth swish, tooth powder with aluminum-free baking soda, and as a tooth pack.

Mighty Minerals – As a tooth powder with aluminum-free baking soda & Cleansing Clay.


Dermatological System – skin, sweat glands, hair, nails

Cleansing Clay – This is the best clay for skin detoxification.

Mighty Minerals – Minerals strengthen hair and nails.

Ideal Immunity – The skin is one avenue through which the body purges toxins and pathogens.

Clean Spleen – The spleen supports lymphatic drainage. The lymph system delivers waste products from the blood to the skin.


Ear, Nose, Tonsils & Throat

Ideal Immunity – A strong immune system is the best defense against conditions of ear, nose and throat, often aggravated by sweets and fats.

Cleansing Clay – Gargle, netti pot, clay packs.

Clean Spleen – Supports mucus reduction and the immune system.