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Call today to discuss one of our customized empowerment wellness programs: a one on one experience with Chef Colombe based on your individual needs.

The Empowerment Program is a revolutionary Wellness Program that addresses “diets of depletion”, and the importance of understanding that our bodies have become compromised because they are missing nutrients, vitamins and minerals. This program allows us to identify, determine, and create a program that is complimentary to your individual nutritional needs. By detailing which foods and food combinations are right for you, Life Made Edible’s Empowerment Programs reveal the secret to achieving optimal health, lasting energy and vitality with lasting results.

Each of our Empowerment Programs is geared for building up your immune system. They are a great way to bring your body into homeostasis, or balanced-harmonized health. Our goal is to move your digestive system into health by correcting fermentation, acidosis, and toxicity which all have been linked with compromise, illness and disease due to a suppression of your immune system. Our Empowerment Programs also allows your body to move into ideal weight and stay there almost effortlessly.

Our Empowerment Programs are not a diet. In fact, it is a way to eat so that your body is nourished and strengthened from the inside out, no matter whom you are and what your health issues are.

Our goal is to Regenerate, Rebalance & Rebuild your old habits and establish new, powerful habits that will serve you well into a healthy and happy life.