Hydro-Clay & Mineral Infusion is designed to replace the typical water bottle, energy drinks, colas, fruit drinks, and vitamin water type drinks.

Health benefits of the Hydro-Clay & Mineral Infusion are:

  • Re Alkalizes the body
  • Improves digestion
  • Increases energy
  • Reduces hunger and the munchies
  • improves hydration
  • Improves friendly bacteria counts in the stomach and intestines
  • Assists the liver and kidneys to function more efficiently
  • Detoxifies the body of heavy metals, chemicals, radiation and creates an environment in the body less suitable for pathogens of all kinds.

Recommended Daily Maintenance Use:

One pint to one quart (your preferred amount) of pure clean water, or herbal hot/cold tea to 1 tablespoon Hydro-Clay & Mineral Infusion.

May be taken with health supplements and food (clay makes them more bioavailable), but separately from chemical (pharmaceutical ) drugs by at least 2 hours (if taken together, the clay will absorb toxic substances like chemical drugs, thereby reducing its effectiveness. If drug withdrawal symptoms are noticed, discontinue the Hydro-Clay & Mineral Infusion Drink and consider alternatives. Be particularly cautious if you are on antidepressants or blood pressure drugs as these are some of the most addictive and harmful of the pharmaceuticals.


Contains a blend of mineral-rich Terra and Cleansing Clays, and magnesium rich plant minerals.