What To Expect from The Clarity Cleanse

You are about to experience the most comprehensive, effective and powerful body cleanse we know of!

The 8-Day Clarity Cleanse developed by Chef Colombe Fruehauf of Life Made Edible stimulates your body’s own detox pathways, and helps your body purge toxic water stores, solid matter which has accumulated along the walls of your colon over years, bacteria, fungus, heavy metals, chemicals and stagnate lymphatic fluids.

How the 8-Day Clarity Cleanse works is by providing the nutrients, herbs, water, and fiber, and whole earthen foods your body needs to purge these undesirable elements. It is not a cleansing fast, or juice fast or enema. You will be eating the entire time; we do not want you to become hungry! The supplements in the Clarity Cleanse are the “Helpers” specifically formulated to support the detoxification process.

It is normal for the first three days to be a little difficult. When your body begins to release toxins, you may experience a variety of things. You may become more tired OR you may become more energetic. Some may experience headaches, dizziness, or have an upset stomach. You may feel some brain fog OR you may feel more clear-headed than you have in years. Every person’s experience is different, depending on what toxins your individual body had been holding onto.

We also recommend other practical things to encourage the detox pathways to open; your detox pathways include the skin, lymphatic system, digestive system – including your stomach and gut, tissues, liver, kidneys, etc. Having a massage, especially lymphatic massage, during the 8-Day Clarity Cleanse can be immensely valuable. Light exercise such as walking, light cardio workouts, and deep breathing exercises will help to super-charge your toxin release.

These are some of the things that you can expect during the 8-Day Clarity Cleanse!

Congratulations on making the choice to detoxify, regenerate, rebalance, and rebuild your health!

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