Frequently Asked Questions

Why Cleanse?

Cleansing has both physical and psychological benefits. Here are some of the more common ones:

  • It gives the good bacteria in the digestive track the power to overcome and remove the bad bacteria so that the digestive track can work properly, absorbing the nutrients and minerals from our food.
  • It breaks up the buildup of toxins that have accumulated in the body, allowing them to move through and out of our organs and tissues.
  • A cleanse opens the channels and provides a gateway for toxins to leave the body.
  • For some, it is the start or the renewing of their wellness journey while others find it is a boost to their current healthy lifestyle.

What Is The Positive Impact of a Cleanse?

Cleansing can provide many positive reactions. Your results may differ from your friend doing the same cleanse. While one person may notice that they have more energy, another may find that they have a better memory, while another may experience both! The reason for this often depends on how your body is reacting to being toxic and what the toxins are that have built up in the body. The good news is that a great full body cleanse can help rid those toxins from the body and help you feel better.

Here is a list of some of the positive impacts you may experience:

  • Higher energy levels
  • Clearer skin and brighter eyes
  • Better sleep
  • Improved digestion
  • Clarity of thought
  • Mental acuity
  • Stronger memory
  • Clearer sinuses
  • Allergy relief

Weight loss (if needed)

A cleanse is also a great jumpstart into healthier eating habits overall.

Toxic Environment

The environment we live in today contains a very high volume of toxic contaminants which places increasing demands on our bodies. In addition to toxic influences like genetically modified foods, synthetic food additives, colorings, sweeteners, food fillers and additives, our modern lifestyles of high stress, little sleep, fast foods, and stimulating and dehydrating drinks drastically impairs our bodies’ ability to detoxify, or obtain adequate nutrients that are necessary to regenerate rebalance and rebuild our stressed body systems.

If we fail to give our depleted bodies the support it needs to rid itself of the accumulated layers of toxic buildup, over time, our bodies normal functioning abilities are severely impaired, leading to disease which runs rampant in our society today.

Cleansing is a way to support and aid our bodies to regenerate, rebalance and rebuild.

Your Way to a Healthier You

There are diets, cleanses, detoxes, fasts, wellness programs galore out there. When you go to a bookstore, the self-help and diet sections are filled with so many fad diets and programs that it can be extremely overwhelming.
Here are a few tips toward finding a great health-building program that will help you start to take the right steps towards a healthier you.
A good health-building program will be one that will naturally:

  • Cleanse and detoxify the body while providing the necessary nutritional requirements that helps sustain and strengthen your immune system.
  • It addresses more than one area of the body. It builds strength back into any weakened systems like you’re your immune system, blood sugar regulation, circulation, nervous system, and even your skeletal systems.

A good health-building program will also pay close attention to:

  • Combining foods that will feed your personal metabolism. Not everyone metabolizes food equally. (Included in Life Made Edible’s individualized “Empowerment Program”)
  • Focuses on the quality of the food you consume. Some great terms to watch for are non-GMO, organic, self-grown or locally grown by small farmers.
  • Offer high quality supplements. Not all supplements are created equal. Some can actually be harmful and a lot of them are just unnecessary or poor quality, which unfortunately includes a good 90% of what is currently being offered on the market today.

I don’t have to give up my comfort foods?

No. (This is one reason why the Clarity Cleanse & Empowerment Programs break all dieting rules.) If you simply want to add massive nutritional benefits to your current diet, there is no need to change your diet. You will definitely be able to get some benefits without changing your current diet, like better alkalinity, more energy, better sleep, a clearer head, etc. (see more below), although even greater benefits can be achieved by improving the diet, even if this is done gradually over time.

It is OK to start slow on dietary & lifestyle changes, since many benefits can be derived from just adding the Clarity Cleanse & Empowerment Programs to your current diet, unchanged.

It is also true, that by simply adding the Program to your present diet, the motivation to drop harmful foods happens naturally and easily over time.

How is that, you say? Dietary changes come naturally & easily over time?

Well, if you knew that a single serving of the Clarity Cleanse & Empowerment Program was also packed with more nutrition than a four course meal, and therefore makes you less hungry, and satisfies your cravings for a snack more than the snack does, wouldn’t this daily experience of calming the appetite inspire you to reach for the Program more often in place of that nut butter sandwich, or bowl of cereal, or bag of chips, or handful of nuts, or energy drink, or energy bar, or some other snacky item?
We have also observed that the gradual cleansing & comprehensive nourishing effects of the Clarity Cleanse & Empowerment Programs prompt a natural reprogramming of our taste buds. So, gradually over time, giving up the comfort foods that negatively impact health happens with little effort, replaced with a natural desire for more healthful foods.

In due course the “bad food” will simply not taste as good as the food that “feels good” (more energy, better sleep, improved mental acuity, better sex life, greater sense of well-being, etc.). Isn’t this the ultimate solution anyway, when food that is good for us begins to taste so good that the “good food” becomes our new “comfort food”? The Clarity Cleanse & Empowerment Programs accomplishes this for us naturally over a span of weeks, months and years (or as long as we prefer to take).

Cost Almost Nothing?

At some point, even the “cost almost nothing” bit is possible for the active health enthusiast, in that, once you calculate all the snacks, junk food, drinks and supplements that you will no longer need, nor desire to buy in the future, you will discover, in most cases, that you will actually put money back into your pocket with this program before the month is over.

What are the true costs of these kinds of snacks on both your pocket book and your health?

Add up the costs of the conventional, or even the “healthy”, chips, nuts, colas, lattes, pizzas, energy drinks, health bars or candy bars (usually the same thing in a different wrapper), and/or health supplements that sound good but are not working, etc., and ask yourself, “If I converted the costs of all the foods and supplements in my diet that are currently lowering my health, into a truly nutritious, tasty superfood green drink and specific herbal formulas (that now build my health & energize my body), how much money each month would I save?” 
If you are not as hungry prior to a full meal, and therefore prefer to eat less during meals, how much money would you save on your current food bill?
A single 2 tablespoon serving of our green superfood, Clearly You Blend, contains literally hundreds more mineral and plant-based nutrients than the average veggie or meat dish. Tablespoon for tablespoon, dollar for dollar, the nutrient and health benefits of the Clearly You Superfood Blend, is off the charts compared to the typical “good health food diet”.

Then consider the “feel good” advantages you will gain from converting the $3-4 bag of chips, nuts, latte, etc. into $3-4 worth of superfoods and herbs. How much better might you feel afterwards? Tomorrow? Three days from now? (Fungal overgrowth generally takes 2-3 days to reach peak levels after consuming a fungal promoting food.)

If you are already spending an average of $8-$13 or more per day on snacks, nuts, meat, drinks, and supplements of this nature you will appreciate the simplicity and health benefits of our Programs all the more. When you factor in the benefits of improved health, rekindled relationships, better sex, better sleep, better work performance, fewer sick days, fewer doctor visits, and lower medical bills – well, the profits from this protocol begin to rise exponentially!

The Clarity Cleanse & Empowerment Programs also come with another advantage: you get your complete vitamin and mineral needs met in great abundance as well! Thus, the ability to eliminate other supplements, putting more cash back into your pocket. The entire program contains over 100 herbs, spices and superfoods in their natural forms. Each plant, sea vegetable, or mineral source contains 20-400+ nutritional compounds designed by Nature to support your tissues, bone, organs and glands in just the right way.  By providing the body with a daily storehouse of nutrition of this magnitude, the body will have what it needs to clean house and rebuild itself. As the body regains its original design over time, it simply heals itself, regardless the prior imbalance.