Preparing For The Cleanse

The Clarity Cleanse is an 8-day detox, broken into 2 parts:

Days 1-4 you will be eating whole vegetables, healthy oils, herbs, lemon, and fresh clean water.

Days 5-8 you will eat whole vegetables, healthy oils, herbs, lemon, fresh clean water with the addition of non-gluten, whole grains.

1 Month Before Cleansing:

  • Order your Clarity Cleanse.
  • Check your calendar for an 8 day span that is on the lighter side
  • It’s recommended that you start on a Saturday, so look for a good Saturday to start your cleanse on and mark the calendar!  Everyone reacts a little differently to the first few days of a cleanse so you may want to plan a nice weekend at home relaxing!
  • Start checking the local grocery stores, farmers markets, and co-ops for organically grown produce.
  • Get your blood work done. (Recommended for people who are looking to use the cleanse as a natural method to assist in lowering blood pressure or cholesterol, help with thyroid or adrenal gland production, etc.)
  • Consult with your doctor or health care professional, making them aware that you are considering doing any cleanse.

2 Weeks Before Cleansing:

  • If you haven’t already done so, Order your Clarity Cleanse.
  • If you have already received your Clarity Cleanse, read through this packet.
  • Look into different self-care and cleanse supporting treatments like massage, acupuncture, etc. in your area and schedule them. (See page 8 for more ideas!)
  • Check that you have all of the products you need for the cleanse:

    – pHion® Balance strips
    – Clearly You
    – Food for Thought
    – Enzymes for Life
    – Ideal Immunity
    – Living Waters Bath Kit including
    – Cleansing Clay
    – Salt of the Earth

The Week Before Cleansing:

  • Purchase your non-perishables, oils, and seasonings:

    – Himalayan Sea Salt or Celtic Salt
    – Coconut Oil (organic-cold pressed)
    – Red Palm Oil
    – Cayenne Pepper
    – Cinnamon
    Tip – You can order most of the above items online if you can’t find them at your local grocery store.

  • Review your daily schedule.
  • Complete your grocery list

The Day Before Cleansing:

  • Go grocery shopping to purchase your produce.
  • Be sure your pH strips and log journal are in the bathroom.
  • Check your weight. (Optional but recommended for those looking to maintain or lose weight.)

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Package Includes:

Clearly You

Ideal Immunity

Food For Thought

Enzymes For Life

Cleansing Clay

Salt of the Earth

PH Strips




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