Taking Health Into Their Own Hands

Client Stories of Healing & Transformation

Below are a collection of stories from some of the clients who I’ve had the privilege of working with over the past 20 years.

Among them are journeys of recovering from cancer, walking for the first time in 20 years, moving from chronic pain and illness to running triathlons, and cultivating a deep and reverent appreciation for food and their own bodies.

You’ll notice a common theme…every one of these individuals (from ages 14 to 64) took ownership over their health and through their own commitment and vision to vibrant health, returned their bodies and minds to a greater place of harmony and wellbeing. 

I love each and every one of them, and consider many of them to be my friends. It’s been a joy seeing their growth during our time together.

Chef Colombe focused on the root cause of my health issues by doing a full evaluation of my existing diet, the medicines I was taking (both prescription and supplements), and carefully listening as I explained my symptoms. She accurately diagnosed what was causing me years of health problems and rather than pushing a litany of supplements and pills, which is the norm these days. Instead she prescribed a specialized diet and the emotional support I needed to get better. I am no longer eating unhealthy foods, nor taking multiple prescription medicines and numerous unnecessary supplements. My health issues have subsided, I’ve lost weight, I feel better, and I am eating the right foods. I am just so grateful to Chef Colombe for helping me to regain my health.
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Pete M
Age 52
Chef Colombe helped me take my first really conscious steps away from disordered eating and towards a healthier relationship with food and my body. She gave me a vision of health that isn't defined by a way of showing up in the world or an external measurement, but rather an embodied experience of balance and freedom. Data and quantification can be helpful guides on the path toward that way of being in the world, but are not the being itself. Chef Colombe introduced me to a kind of consciousness that I still sometimes struggle to embody, but is also a dream of what’s possible. Thank you Chef Colombe!
Jeannie K
Age 35
At the age of 18 months, our son’s growth dropped from the 25% to under the 3% for height. We were referred to endocrine where we were informed testing was normal and all we needed to do was feed him more with a heavy carbohydrate diet and 2-3 Pediasures a day. Soon after following these recommendations, our son’s behavior became very hyperactive and a constant demand to snack to maintain his energy . After struggling with this behavior and diet, we met Colombe Fruehauf and enrolled in her Vibrant Health program. As soon as we enrolled, Colombe evaluated his diet and determined that the endocrine’s recommendation for his particular growth issue was causing the behavior issues and actually counteracting the amount of insulin in his system needed to aid in his growth. Colombe took a personal interest in our son’s growth and diet and worked not only with us parents, but also with our son and his picky eating habits. Almost immediately after changing his diet, his behavior and eating structure improved. Although we finished the program, we have maintained the diet and are following her recommendations. Thanks to her program and encouragement, he is now back to his 25% growth curve, 4-5 inches taller at full growth than what would have occurred if we had not participated in her Vibrant Health Program. We are so grateful for her help.
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Ann Marie B
Age 52
I started working with Colombe 6 years ago. I had just turned 50 and weighed 205 lbs. I was dealing with chronic fatigue, GI problems, IBS-D and depression...and I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis and Fibromyalgia and put on some heavy meds. After 1 year of working with Chef Homie (Colombe), I had lost 50 lbs, gotten off my meds, started working out regularly and now I’m doing triathlons. I completed an Ironman last summer and am doing another this summer. Can’t give Colombe credit for all that, (I did do a bit of sweating myself), but knowing Chef C is always there for support and advice made that journey achievable. I’ve known Colombe for over 35 years and she’s always been a shining light available to help people. She has the gift of getting to the core of the issue. I highly recommend working with her.
David J
Age 56
After Colombe compassionately listened to our daughter’s medical challenges, her warm personality and humor set the stage for a great relationship of trust. Using her gift of understanding the “art and science of food”, Colombe carefully planned and structured our daughter’s daily snacks and meals, not only to meet her medical needs, but also to compliment her naturopath’s recommendations. Colombe has tastefully and skillfully bridged the gap from doctor’s office to dinner table. Today, our daughter’s quality of life has substantially improved. Once orthostatic intolerant (unable to stand or sit upright), today she stands and walks! What a blessing Colombe has been to our family! Thank you so much.
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Marty K
Age 45
I started working with Colombe almost 10 years ago after a Stage IV Metastatic Breast cancer diagnosis and completing my first round of chemotherapy. I was committed to learning about food and healing and trying to get my body and mind back after a terminal diagnosis. If I was going to live and continue to battle, I wanted it to be the best quality that I could give myself. The experience of working with Colombe was easy. She's very knowledgeable, like a scientist, when it comes to food and your body - so impressive. She is kind too and never made me feel stupid as I navigated this new world and learned along the way. She would check on me often and guide me when I had questions. Since this journey with Colombe started, I've learned to live a somewhat cleaner life, and I love how I understand things that I didn't necessarily before. While I never will be cured, it’s helped me on this up and down journey of cancer. Most MBC patients have an average life expectancy of 3 years. I am almost 10 years in.
Mary M
Age 56
Colombe, with her cheerful personality and delicious recipes, gave me a new found hope in food and showed me how it can help my immune system. Within weeks of starting her menu plans, I was more energetic, less dizzy, and walking. I still have issues, but thanks to Colombe I keep improving. My family is truly blessed and thankful to know her and we are looking forward to continuing our work with her. She gives me hope and I am learning how important food is.
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Angie K
Age 14
Chef Colombe worked what some might call "magic" with my health. Rather than proposing a ten-step plan to heal my body, she offered me a practical and nourishing way to cleanse and honor my body by paying attention to what and when I ate. Learning about the direct influence of food on my body was a game-changer, and it made eating both challenging and fun. I learned to manage my blood pressure, weight, and well-being with the foods I ate. Another benefit of my overall life was better sleep at night and increased focused energy during the day. I am grateful for the compassion, wisdom, and coaching of Chef Colombe and her knowledge of food and the human body.
Bettie S
Age 71



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