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Clarity Cleanse Overview

Cleansing is the process of ridding the body of toxins that are deeply embedded within our cells, tissues, muscles, and bones.

Our bodies naturally detox every day by eliminating or neutralizing toxins we encounter on a daily basis. However, if the wrong kinds of foods, liquids, or combinations of foods and liquids are consumed, the detoxification process is compromised. This results in your body simply not having the ability to remove all of the toxins on its own and leads to a build-up of toxins.

The 8-day Clarity Cleanse is focused on eating the foods that encourage the detox pathways to open and escort toxins of all types out of the body. It is very possible to stimulate the release of toxins in a safe and efficient way. This is what you will be doing during the Clarity Cleanse.

During the Clarity Cleanse you will focus on eating whole vegetables and whole grains.

quinoa_topic600EAT, EAT, EAT…don’t let yourself get hungry or try to fast. You need the plant nutrients, fiber and antioxidants for the whole process. There is a two-step process to the Clarity Cleanse – Phase I – veggies, healthy oils and herbs for the first four days and then moving into Phase II, you will consume veggies, healthy oils, herbs, plus non-gluten, whole grains for the last four days.

The vegetables that you will be eating during the 8-day cleanse are the non-sweet, low carbohydrate vegetables. Consuming these whole foods in combination with the whole earthen foods that are supplied in our Clarity Cleanse Supplements, will help to reprogram your taste buds so that you will enjoy the great flavors of a wider variety of vegetables and not only the sweet ones. There is no fruit (other than lemons) eaten during the 8-day cleanse, so that any imbalance in the beneficial flora in your digestive tract will be corrected. The bad bacteria, fungus and yeast need sugars in order to flourish. You are going to be starving them during the 8 days and giving the beneficial bacteria a chance to recolonize. You will be getting protein from the vegetables and grains that you eat, as well as the Clearly You drink mix.

The average amount of weight reduction during the 8 days is will vary from person to person, depending on their individual level of deep level toxic buildup. Some people lose more, some lose less. You will not be shedding fat weight only, which is not safe to shed so quickly in large amounts, you will also shed stored water and solid waste, toxic chemicals, and heavy metals.

As always, we recommend that you seek your doctor’s advice before starting the 8-day Clarity Cleanse. If you take medications, please continue taking them. In some cases, your medications will need to be adjusted as your body moves into a more healthy status. Please stay in close contact with your doctor.

If you are experiencing some serious health issues, after consulting your doctor, please consider working with one of our Life Made Edible, Certified Wellness Coaches when beginning the Clarity Cleanse. There are however, some people who should NOT attempt the Clarity Cleanse. They are women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, those with Type-1 diabetes (insulin dependent), those with advanced cancer who are losing weight rapidly, and those taking medications for preventing blood clots, heart arrhythmia, or convulsions. Anyone who is struggling with adrenal exhaustion will need to be supervised by a doctor during the 8-day Clarity Cleanse.

Please note that there will be times during the year and beyond when you will want to repeat the 8-Day Clarity Cleanse or do a Mini-Cleanse (3-4 days). Cleansing just one time will not remove the years of toxic storage and build-up that we have accumulated. Some indications that you may need to repeat cleansing may include a urine pH which is not the ideal range, your desire to continue shedding excess weight until your body reaches its ideal weight and body fat percentage, or other health issues which have not resolved themselves yet (high blood pressure, high blood sugar, low energy, migraines, etc.)

Guess What? Cleansing is not just for people who have serious health issues. Cleansing and detoxifying our systems is good to do on a somewhat regular basis.

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