Stop Struggling Your Way to Weight Loss

  So, have you ever felt that you have to sacrifice and struggle through fad products or starvation diet just to take off a few pounds? Perhaps you've felt suppressed, criticized or held back, like no matter what progress you make, it's one step forward and ten steps back and that causes you to become [...]

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When Kelly signed up for my Vibrant Health Coaching program in the fall of 2018 we quickly uncovered that she was pre-diabetic, with very unstable blood sugar levels. Her legs would swell and she would get painful, unpleasant abrasions on her legs that would dramatically hinder her mobility. She was ready and committed to seeing [...]

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“Diets of Depletion”

We have all heard the words sickness, illness, compromise, disorder, ailment, conditions, and disease before, but have you ever truly questioned what their meanings are?  Take for instance, the word “dis-ease”; it’s a general term, used widely, to denote an interruption, cessation, or a disorder of body functions, systems, or organs.  Pretty vague right?  How [...]

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“A Recipe for Focus”

Years ago when I was in college at Johnson & Wales Culinary University, as like most college students, it was a high-pressure and hectic period in my life. Our school was very disciplined, and had specific guidelines as to how things must be done. The discipline & guidelines were taught not only for our safety [...]

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Cultivating Confidence

In the course of working with clients I’ve noticed that they hold varying levels of confidence depending on the subject or goal that we are addressing.  When I ask what they feel is stopping them from reaching their goal many times the obstacles’ are self-doubt, uncertainty, indecisiveness, and willpower. Discussing confidence with clients forces me [...]

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Case Study #1: Moving From Confusion To Clarity

  When my client Pete and I began working together last fall, he knew he had the potential to regain great health but couldn’t decide which course of action to take to achieve it. He was juggling with taking multiple medications (both prescription & over the counter supplements) and confused by what foods were healthy [...]

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Looking beyond one-size-fits-all nutritional solutions

Over the last century we’ve witnessed a profound shift in our perspectives toward health and wellness. We, as Americans, have come to practical realizations that there are no real magical solutions for most ailments, disorders, and imbalances, and that sustainable health is linked to internal (diet), and external (exercise), motivators. On some levels, this seems [...]

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