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Three Principles for Vibrant Health – Part 3: Rebuild Your Strength and Youthfulness

Cleansing and nourishing the body fully will naturally produce a movement within toward greater youthfulness. Energy levels will perk up, moods will improve, physical endurance will increase during workouts or late hours behind the desk, foods will digest better, the mind will be clearer, drive, curiosity, and the desire to explore new avenues will return, [...]

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Three Principles for Vibrant Health – Part 2: “Rebalance” and Cleanse Your Body of Toxins

In order to build health in the body, a wise, common sense first step is to remove the offending substances causing a lowering of health in the first place. This means – detoxify. A large spectrum of current health conditions are likely to disappear just by eliminating the storehouse of toxic material buildup from years [...]

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Regenerate, Rebalance, Rebuild: Three Principles for Vibrant Health

Regenerate , Rebalance , Rebuild Three Principles for Vibrant Health A multitude of health compromises can effectively be addressed by following a three-prong, common sense approach to building overall health. 1) Regenerate – nourish the body with a complete spectrum of mineral and phytonutrients. 2) Rebalance - detoxify the offending substances in the body. 3) [...]

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Understanding the Power of Building Physical Health Naturally

The human body is a natural organism. It was created from the "dust (or clay) of the earth". Therefore, the perfect food for the body will also be of earthen origin ─ unaltered. Unaltered resources that qualify as real food include such things as clay, water, algae, seaweeds, herbs, fruits, nuts, seeds and vegetables. Anything [...]

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Coming “CLEAN” with Whole Food Nutrition

Many of us have been taught that what we need in order to create or maintain true health are a particular amount of specific minerals or vitamins or other isolated nutritional compounds. This advice is an outgrowth of the antiquated megavitamin era that is still being taught and practiced in many circles today. While that [...]

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A plant native to South India and Indonesia, if you like curry or mustard, you’re already familiar with this yellow food. What you might not know is that turmeric-due in large part to curcumin, turmeric’s primary active ingredient-is one of the most powerful anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories on the planet. The majority of foods we consume, [...]

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The Why’s of Cravings

Why am I hungry all the time? And why do I crave bread, pasta, pastry, doughnuts, chips, and all the things that aren’t good for me? The term “craving” hardly does justice to that four-alarm fire raging in your brain. Must….have….warm….brownie still gooey in the middle. Must….eat….entire container of Ice Cream. We’ve all been there. [...]

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Chef Colombe’s Story

I have been very lucky in my life to have had a strong interest and education in the sciences. That interest and education saved my life. Here is my story: In high school, I instinctively understood and comprehended the complexity of the double helix, the building block of our genetic makeup. I was intrigued by [...]

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The Importance of Cleansing

Full body cleansing is hands down one of the best decisions any one can make regarding their health! There are so many things one can do to improve their health, but if you don’t first clean house and make it possible for your body to live and function in a clean environment; you will find [...]

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