After The Cleanse

There is a lot of planning that goes into cleansing.

Which program will you follow?   When will you start?   How long will the cleanse go for?  

There are groceries to buy and temptations to hide.

But if the only thing that you are planning post-cleansing is how to indulge once you’re done, you could be undoing all that hard work.

Bountiful Benefits

After the 8-Day Clarity Cleanse, most people feel better than they have ever felt before. Many people report a greater sense of drive, focus and much more energy. Other benefits include better digestion, sinus and congestion relief and clearer skin and weight loss.

Breaking the Cleansecleanse_home

Breaking a cleanse correctly is almost as important as the cleanse itself. It is important to end your cleanse gradually, slowly incorporating the proper foods and combinations of foods back into your diet. It may sound like a cleanse after the cleanse, but it is very important if you want to maintain those cleansing benefits.

The 9 to 30 days immediately following the Clarity Cleanse you should consume all of the same vegetables and grains you ate while doing the 8-Day cleanse, but you may add in limited amounts of animal protein sources (eggs, yogurt, fish, shrimp, and meat). You will continue with the supplements and drink one to two servings of the Clearly You drink mix per day. You will eat whole foods, nothing with a label and list of ingredients. Just whole food, mostly plant based meals. You may wish to eat meat rarely, a couple times a week or maybe not at all.

Some indications that you may need to stay on the supplements include a urine pH which is not in the ideal range after completing the Clarity Cleanse, your desire to continue shedding excess weight until your body reaches its ideal weight and body percentage, or other health issues which have not resolved themselves yet (high blood pressure, high blood sugar, low energy, migraines, sinus congestion, fatigue, cravings, anxiety, etc.)

When to Re-Cleanse

A guide for short and long cleanses, holiday recovery and general health improvement
OK, the holidays, the birthday, wedding or anniversary celebrations are over, or the season has just turned a new corner. The beginning of spring, summer, fall or winter has arrived.  And now, that sluggish, not so good feeling inside is the indication that it is time to cleanse out the old and rebuild the new!

What is the gentlest, most effective approach?

A Life Made Edible Clarity Cleanse or Empowerment Program that builds super nutrition and immunity in the body as the diet is moderated temporarily to light cleansing foods and wise food combining.

There is no faster or more effective way to accomplish this than to initiate a Clarity Cleanse or Empowerment Program that can vary in length and degrees of dietary restrictions to meet each person’s unique and individual needs. These are programs that can be maintained at comfortable maintenance levels year round and with normal foods, then at briefly accelerated levels around celebrations and seasonal turns.

To accomplish this you need simply to increase these five cleansing modalities:

1) Superfood nutrition
2) Earthen-born food & mineral sources
3) Herbal restorative formulas
4) Clay baths, shower slurries or foot baths
5) Wise food combining choices

You may prefer to begin with a basic 4 or 8-Day or an Accelerated Clarity Cleanse or Empowerment Program which includes all of the above requirements for a healthier you.

Many options are available, but clearly they are not all required to recover from the holidays or initiate a seasonal cleanse, and may vary with a Year Round Empowerment Program. Listen to your inner guidance and select the one you feel are best suited to your unique conditions.

Feel free also to call the office for a more in-depth explanation or to narrow down your choices to suit your needs. (470-588-6439)

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