About Me

Let me show you how to give the body what it needs to restore health on its own, naturally…

Chef Colombe Fruehauf brings a diverse background to her unique culinary expertise. In addition to her formal schooling and degree from Johnson & Wales Culinary University, Colombe has worked many years owning, managing, training, coaching and studying in restaurants spanning the United States.

She now owns Life Made Edible, offering individualized nutritional programs, whole earthen supplements and cleanses, and is a Preferred Provider at the University Of Pittsburgh Medical Center Of Integrative Oncology, Hillman Center. She is a certified wellness coach, and certified Executive Chef.

As a late stage Hodgkin’s cancer survivor, Colombe’s health experience inspired her to integrate healthful whole ingredients, balanced nutrition, proper food combinations, and amazing flavor into a complete Wellness program and Product line. Having been through chemotherapy, she has an intimate understanding of what foods our bodies need to sustain optimal health and support during times of intense healing.

I am also very excited to share to everyone all about Vibrant Health Coaching Program. Take the steps to strengthen your body from the inside out. During this 90-day radical health transformation you will detoxify from hidden toxins that are harming the body, nourish your body to rebuild from the Cellular level, while simultaneously rebuilding your body’s systems. 

As the toxins leave your body, as the nutrients in the foods consumed increase, and as additional Edible Earthen Essentials are added to work on building strength back in the specific body systems that have suffered over the years, health building is accomplished naturally over time. 

As a result you will feel amazing and have more energy than ever!

Vibrant Health Coaching Proprietary 12-Step Coaching Process

  • 12 one-on-one private coaching sessions over 90-days
  • Between Session Support via Email and Voxer
  • Comprehensive Health History Assessment
  • Metabolic Screening Assessment
  • 4 Stages of Goal Setting Accountability Strategy (G.S.A.T. Tracker)
  • Progressive Outcome Pathway Tracker (P.O.P. Tracker)
  • My Daily Food Journal (Food Tracker)
  • Customized Eating Schedule 
  • Customized Flavor Profile
  • Preferred Tastes of the World 
  • Customized Recipes
  • Advanced Detoxification Tips

This program simultaneously works in all three areas of Vibrant health that emcompasses –

Detoxify, Nourish & Build

What Is Life Made Edible?

Let me show you how to give the body what it needs to restore health on its own, naturally...

This is your time to learn about how and what kinds of foods and combinations of foods will support your individual health and healing.

When traveling and speaking at events around the country, I find that people are generally unhappy with the way their doctors think about their healthcare problems. They are unhappy with the focus on the symptoms and not the CAUSE. Here at Life Made Edible we dig into the ROOT CAUSE of your compromise, ailment, disorder, sensitivity, or disease.

We also look at the patterns that connect everything together. The future of medicine understands how your body functions, how it goes wrong, what are the things that have caused an imbalance, and most importantly how to get it back in harmony.

Here at Life Made Edible, we take out the bad stuff and put in the good, supporting your body’s amazing capacity to heal. There is no calorie counting, weighing, or taking away foods. We have to remember that our bodies became compromised in the first place because we have depleted them of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. We don’t need to take away, we need to regenerate, rebalance and rebuild our bodies from the ground up.

Our programs allow us to determine a plan that addresses your individual nutritional needs, by detailing which foods and combinations of foods are right for you. We will support you with getting to the root cause of your problems so that you will be able to heal.   Let us help your body heal itself!

nutritious healthy foods

Once you’ve completed the Vibrant Health Coaching Program, you will have gained all of the ground work necessary for creating a lifestyle that will give you sustainable Vibrant Health and the vibrantly healthy body you desire.  

You will have grown into a deeper understanding of how your body reacts to the food(s) you eat and how it affects your ability to ward off ailments and disorders. Understanding how your body reacts to food is perhaps the best way to be truly motivated each and every day to eat the foods that serve you and avoid the foods that won’t. 

Vibrant Health Coaching Programs are designed to put Real Life back into Living, so you will have more energy, a greater sense of health and well-being, and create sustainable and healthy lifestyle options that will support you in getting the most out of every facet of life.

With just a little practice, putting your new found knowledge to work and incorporating it into your lifestyle can become virtually automatic.  

Vibrant Health Coaching is dedicated to the experience and full expression of 
Now is your time to make the change and begin embodying these three essentials. 
Living a life of Vibrant Health is your ultimate result.
Why wait?

IMAGINE a balanced, ever-growing flow of Vibrant Health that is unlimited and in total alignment with your optimal health goals.

IMAGINE your Vibrant Health being as effortless, natural, and frequent as breathing.

IMAGINE becoming so good at effortlessly achieving Vibrant Health that you find yourself eager, enthusiastic, and appreciative that you invested in your conscious growth and committed to your personal Vibrant Health evolution.

Let me show you how to give the body what it needs to restore health on its own, naturally ..


Success Stories

This is my life's purpose and I love to share them with you...

Pete M.
Pete M.
Chef Colombe focused on the root causes of my health issues by doing a full evaluation of my existing diet, the medicines I was taking (both prescription and supplements), and carefully listening as I explained my symptoms. She accurately diagnosed what was causing me years of health problems and rather than pushing a litany of supplements and pills, which is the norm these days, she prescribed a specialized diet and the emotional support I needed to get better. I am no longer eating unhealthy foods, nor taking multiple prescription medications and numerous unnecessary supplements. My health issues have subsided, I’ve lost weight, I feel better, and I am eating the right foods. I am just so grateful to Chef Colombe for helping me to regain my health.
Marty K.
Marty K.
After Chef Colombe compassionately listened to our daughter’s medical challenges, her warm personality and humor set the stage for a great relationship of trust. Using her gift of understanding the ‘are and science of food’, Chef Colombe carefully planned and structured our daughter’s daily snacks and meals, not only to meet her medical needs, but also to compliment her naturopath’s recommendations. Chef Colombe has tastefully and skillfully bridged the gap from doctor’s office to dinner table. Today, our daughter’s quality of life has substantially improved. Once orthostatic intolerant, today she stands and walks! What a blessing Chef Colombe has been to our family! Thanks so much.
Angie K.
Angie K.(14 years old)
Chef Colombe, with her cheerful personality and delicious recipes, gave me a new found hope in food and showed me how it can help my immune system. Within weeks of starting her Vibrant Health program, I was more energetic, less dizzy, and walking! My family is truly blessed and thankful to know her and we are looking forward to continuing to work with her. She gives me hope and I am learning how important food is for our body.

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