What Is Life Made Edible?

Hi I’m Chef Colombe, welcome to Life Made Edible. This is your time to learn about how and what kinds of foods and combinations of foods will support your individual health and healing.

When traveling and speaking at events around the country, I find that people are generally unhappy with the way their doctors think about their healthcare problems. They are unhappy with the focus on the symptoms and not the CAUSE. Here at Life Made Edible we dig into the ROOT CAUSE of your compromise, ailment, disorder, sensitivity, or disease.

We also look at the patterns that connect everything together. The future of medicine understands how your body functions, how it goes wrong, what are the things that have caused an imbalance, and most importantly how to get it back in harmony.

Here at Life Made Edible, we take out the bad stuff and put in the good, supporting your body’s amazing capacity to heal. There is no calorie counting, weighing, or taking away foods. We have to remember that our bodies became compromised in the first place because we have depleted them of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. We don’t need to take away, we need to regenerate, rebalance and rebuild our bodies from the ground up.

Our programs allow us to determine a plan that addresses your individual nutritional needs, by detailing which foods and combinations of foods are right for you. We will support you with getting to the root cause of your problems so that you will be able to heal.   Let us help your body heal itself!

About Chef Colombe, The Wellness Chef

Chef Colombe Fruehauf brings a diverse background to her unique culinary expertise. In addition to her formal schooling and degree from Johnson & Wales Culinary University, Colombe has worked many years owning, managing, training, coaching and studying in restaurants spanning the United States.

She now owns Life Made Edible, offering individualized nutritional programs, whole earthen supplements and cleanses, and is a Preferred Provider at the University Of Pittsburgh Medical Center Of Integrative Oncology, Hillman Center. She is a certified wellness coach, and certified Executive Chef.

As a late stage Hodgkin’s cancer survivor, Colombe’s health experience inspired her to integrate healthful whole ingredients, balanced nutrition, proper food combinations, and amazing flavor into a complete Wellness program and Product line. Having been through chemotherapy, she has an intimate understanding of what foods our bodies need to sustain optimal health and support during times of intense healing.

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