Stop Struggling Your Way to Weight Loss

So, have you ever felt that you have to sacrifice and struggle through fad products or a starvation diet just to take off a few pounds?


Perhaps you’ve felt suppressed, criticized, or held back, like no matter what progress you make, it’s one step forward and ten steps back and that causes you to become tired and stressed, and then you lose your confidence. And then you say I’ve got to just keep trying harder, I’ve just got to try harder.


Well,  it doesn’t have to be that way, as a matter of fact, that’s not your natural state.


Your natural state is not one of struggle. In fact, most of the resistance that you are encountering in taking off those few extra pounds is merely a sign that your body is undernourished.


Malnutrition is the reason your body stores energy resources in fat cells following a diet of nutrient-depleted processed foods or a food restrictive diet.


Your body is just preserving energy sources for the next time food (or nutrients) become scarce. Diets that are low in quality nutrients simply result in the return of any weight lost through dieting – plus additional fat stores to boot!


Typical dieting on processed low-calorie protein shakes and diet bars with highly restricted food intake can result in some of the greatest weight gains, and the most difficult to peel off again.


Why? Because it places the body in a starvation mode triggering protective mechanisms through the storage of additional fat. The more restrictive the diet, the greater the eventual weight gain.


You see, when your body is fully nourished, all of its systems operate at full capacity performing all of their normal functions required to keep your body in perfect health.


It’s only when the required supply of nutrients run low, or are interfered with by toxic substances or destructive influences like (chemicals, processed foods, drugs, radiation, anger & stress, etc.), do your organs and glands that are responsible for maintaining your weight and Vibrant health begin to malfunction.


Reversing the “nutrient famine” within your body is quite simple, all it requires is genuine whole food nourishment that the body will recognize. Once your body gets the signal that the “nutrient famine is over”, it immediately begins to reverse its “fat storage” process and initiates a “fat-burning” process.


When you recognize that nutrition and nourishment are the gateways to maintaining a healthy weight, your Vibrant health will skyrocket.


You’ll leave behind those “Diets of Depletion” and supply your body with these nutritional resources on a daily basis, and your body will naturally begin the building of health. You will begin to experience the gradual return to the normal functioning of not just fat regulation, but every other important body process as well – blood sugar, blood pressure, heart function, bone density, energy levels, and so much more!


An abundance of superfoods, in addition to quality, organically grown whole foods, in the diet is the answer.


Stepping into and understanding your individual “Diet of Depletion” will provide you with a comprehensive approach through which to develop your Vibrant health and sense of well-being!


If you are struggling with the one step forward and ten steps back that causes you to become tired and stressed, and then you lose your confidence click on the “Discovery Call” link below to apply for a Vibrant Health consultation.


Enjoy the very best of health!


Chef Colombe

Are you ready to step into your Vibrant Health?