When Kelly signed up for my Vibrant Health Coaching program in the fall of 2018 we quickly uncovered that she was pre-diabetic, with very unstable blood sugar levels.


Her legs would swell and she would get painful, unpleasant abrasions on her legs that would dramatically hinder her mobility. She was ready and committed to seeing her blood sugar levels lower while building energy, strength, and well-being.


Kelly first said YES to herself, realizing that she could have the Vibrant Health she desires.


She then implemented the Vibrant Health strategies, tools, & techniques I showed her.


In phase 1 “Detoxify” she shifted away from consuming foods that added to her toxic overload.


In phase 2 “Nourish” she began nourishing her body with Edible Earthen Essentials that build life-giving strength while at the same time would support her detox pathways.


In phase 3 “Build” she focused on specific body systems that require unique and increased nutritional emphasis to clean house and re-generate, re-balance, and re-build itself in just the right way!


With these simple & profound shifts, Kelly immediately began to see her blood sugar levels decrease week after week. The swelling in her legs disappeared and so did the abrasions.


The Results…


Kelly was able to lose 20 pounds within 2 months and was able to completely come off of all of the long-term medications she was on to help to control her blood sugar levels.


Kelly is a gifted writer and teacher/trainer. She now has greater confidence to actively upgrade her health to the Vibrant Health level she desires by understanding which foods and combinations of foods will fuel her body without question.


Congratulations, Kelly! 2019 is going to be a great year for you!


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