We have all heard the words sickness, illness, compromise,
disorder, ailment, conditions, and disease before, but have you ever truly
questioned what their meanings are?

 Take for instance, the word “dis-ease”; it’s a
general term, used widely, to denote an interruption, cessation, or a disorder
of body functions, systems, or organs.  Pretty vague right?

 How many times in your life have you found
yourself with a physical health & wellness problem to solve? It may be
something that is happening right now. Life is full of compromises, ailments,
disorders, and disease which are problems that we have to overcome. And when we
are faced with a health issue that we have to handle, we are taught to seek
outside ourselves and find something to use to fix the problem. But that
creates a new problem, doesn’t it?

A common theme for many of the clients
I coach with is that they have a hard time understanding the true meanings of these
topical terms and identifiers used in the medical community. Many clients
reveal that they have lived with a “pre-disposition” towards  chronic fatigue, bad acne, poor memory, low
motivation, mood swings, heart & digestive issues, arthritis and
inflammation, blood sugar issues, insomnia, a constant craving for food, and
numerous other health complaints.

Some have lived with these tendencies
from birth, throughout childhood, adolescence, young adult life, and into the
present, still not understanding that the root causes of these medical terms
are the culprit of why they lack the presence of physical health and
wellness.  Lifestyle habits and personal
choices from conception forward form pivotal patterns around and within us that
determine our state of health.

You see, these terms, like diseases of
the body, are never the cause of poor health, they are merely a grouping of
symptoms that have been identified and given a particular name.  These symptoms will always have one or more
underlying causes, none of which carry a disease name.

It is essential to understand that there are a group of foundational principles that govern how the body generates and maintains health, and a number of natural laws that guide us to get to the bottom of what each of us need to do to accomplish and see results in our personal health and wellness goals.

 “Diets of Depletion”, which is one of Life Made Edible’s foundational principles dedicated to the nutritional aspects of the health-building process, addresses nutritional deficiencies and imbalances. Many of us are born nutritionally depleted as our host (mothers) may not have been properly nourished, therefore unable to provide us with the full spectrum of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients our bodies require for vital health. What we actively do to improve on these preconditions will determine how well we succeed at building & maintaining our health.

As we grow, nutritional imbalances and deficiencies from low mineral content in the soils that produce our foods, the nutrient depleting sugars, caffeinated beverages, stress & toxins from our fast paced lifestyles and from the incompleteness of our “natural health” supplements and diets have interfered with the bio availability of the nutrients that do exist in our body.   

Have you reached a
point where you no longer want to live with the stress and struggle of these
ongoing chronic health issues? 

Perhaps you are wondering what your “Diet of Depletion” is compromised of?

I am now accepting
applications for individualized health and wellness consultations where I will
thoroughly assess your current nutritional plan.

 If I that feel we are a great fit to work
together we will then discuss what your path to wellness looks like.

Stepping into and understanding your individual “Diet of Depletion” will provide you with a comprehensive approach through which to develop optimal health and vibrant sense of well being!

Contact me directly (info@lifemadeedible.com) to schedule your individualized health and wellness consultation today.

Enjoy the very best of health!

 Chef Colombe