Case Study #1: Moving From Confusion To Clarity

When my client Pete and I began working together last fall, he knew he had the potential to regain great health but couldn’t decide which course of action to take to achieve it.

He was juggling with taking multiple medications (both prescription & over the counter supplements) and confused by what foods were healthy for him, which left him with multiple symptoms and feeling scattered, overwhelmed, and fatigued most of the time.

Pete discovered that by simply making a change in the foods and combinations of foods that he was consuming, made him feel more aligned with his health and wellness goal of actively living his life without multiple symptoms of poor health.

He gained a deeper understanding of the foods his body recognized as real foods, and began to make changes that were right for him – this deepening is what led to him achieving better health and wellness results.

His move from confusion to clarity brought him to losing 20 pounds, up until then he had only been able to lose a few pounds and then gain them back again.

His move from confusion to clarity also brought a significant change in the symptoms he was experiencing. By actively supporting his body from the inside out, led to his health issues subsiding, gaining greater energy and a powerful immune system that empowered his active lifestyle.

In regards to the coaching process, Pete says that “Chef Colombe focused on the root cause of my health issues. She accurately identified what was causing me years of health problems and rather than pushing a litany of supplements and pills, she supported me with strategies, tools, and techniques and the emotional support that I needed to regain my health.

The benefits of her coaching have spilled over into every aspect of my life. I am able to express myself, grow, and choose how and where I want to focus on my relationships with myself and my health and wellness goals.”

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