Looking beyond one-size-fits-all nutritional solutions

Over the last century we’ve witnessed a profound shift in our perspectives toward health and wellness.

We, as Americans, have come to practical realizations that there are no real magical solutions for most ailments, disorders, and imbalances, and that sustainable health is linked to internal (diet), and external (exercise), motivators.

On some levels, this seems like it ought to be a simple enough task. But for most, identifying an effective diet, has been an objective that somehow seems to remain just out of our reach.

One of the problems is that we are bombarded with contradictory information about what really constitutes a healthy diet. With widespread contradiction in the field of nutritional and dietary experts, in terms of what we should be eating, it makes it next to impossible to make sense as to what we should consume.

Along with contradiction, is the proverbial abyss of information that almost paralyzes us with the volume of dietary tips, nutritional advice and product regulation that the media provokes.

Since we are on the subject, let’s not stop there. Another reason, a more fundamental roadblock, that keeps up from achieving dietary success is that for many years diet and nutrition has been based on the standardized or mass market approach.

The majority of the world’s leading experts have established a one-size-fits-all solution, they believe this can be universally applied to everyone.

This nutritional approach fails to give recognition to the fact that individuals are all very different from one another, internally as well as externally. Just as no two individuals share the same fingerprints, and no two raindrops are the same, there is infinite diversity among individuals from many different perspectives.

As I do not disregard the experts and masters of the past teachings, I use them as a point of departure.

The dietary and nutritional teachings of the past have proven to have limitation on success. Standardized diets fail to recognize that we are all different in the way that our bodies process foods and utilize nutrients, thus we all have highly individualized nutritional requirements. Each individual body has its own unique and variable type of body fuel that keeps them functioning efficiently.

For example, with respect to proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, which are the dietary building blocks of sustainable life: There are some people who function well on foods that are high in protein and fat (like meats and cheeses), and there are others who function better on high carbohydrate, and low-fat foods (like fruit, vegetables and grains). You may fall into one of these two distinctly opposite categories, or your nutritional needs may lie somewhere in between.

Another arena that is profoundly overlooked is our body’s pH level. The problems that arise from improper pH environment internally, are enormous. Keeping a balanced blood pH level in our body will ward off disease, ailment, disorders and imbalance. Dietary reform is the simplest step to achieve proper pH balance.

As a well-seasoned chef of over 30 years, I will fill you in of one of nutrition’s best kept secrets: Foods and combinations of foods that work well for one person may have little or no effects nutritionally on a second person, and may make a third person worse.

This is the concept that lies at the heart of THE WELLNESS CHEF. This exciting and continually evolving methodology is very simple and allows us to customize profiles for individuals that will enable your body to function at peak efficiency. Unlike existing dietary approaches, our process does far more than give approximates on your nutritional needs, we are much more precise and flexible with our techniques that will tailor your individual diet with accuracy and precision.

Once you begin to eat accordingly, it will be a very liberating experience on all levels.

Although you may be currently consuming high-quality and what appear to be healthful foods and supplements, it may be possible that you are malnourished. As we provide a suggested food consumption schedule that will keep you from becoming deficient in specific nutrients and foods that your particular metabolism requires to function properly.

This will ultimately put an end to food cravings, hunger, blood sugar fluctuations and imbalances, many forms of digestive problems, headaches, depression, irritability, and many other underlying issues that can manifest into much larger problems.

You will have improved physical and mental energy, and your food will be converted to energy rather than stored as fat. The long-term benefits of individualizing your food combinations include permanent weight loss without struggle, calorie reduction, strengthened immune system, ongoing energy and a slowing of the aging process, and the ability to prevent and reverse many types of chronic illnesses.

How do I know this is what you can achieve? I am an 20+ year cancer survivor. I walked the line with chemotherapy and have an intimate understanding of what foods our bodies need to sustain optimal health and support during times of healing.

Along with earning my culinary degree from Johnson & Wales University, working in the field for over 30 years, and my personal experiences, led me to study the connection between what we eat, how we process it, as well as how our food choices impact our health, energy, and clarity of mind. Food is fuel for the amazing vessels we call our body and I teach that it is important to understand which foods best enhance functioning and support our healing.

I encourage you to discover for yourself the benefits to be derived from pursuing the combinations of foods that are customized just for you.

Are you ready to step into your Vibrant Health?