Chef Colombe’s Personal Philosophy

I am looking at scars that I have on my body, which have lived with me for years now. These scars remind me that my body has been healing, quietly, with conscious input from me, for years now. But it wasn’t always this simple…


Having a bout with a chronic disease a few years back,I pause to remember the physical pain of getting out of bed in the morning which meant aching feet, stiff knees, shooting back & neck pain, and a fuzzy brain from not sleeping well, that would only get worse as the day went on.


Then there was the feeling of being stressed and rushing to get to work to make it to the bathroom and thinking to myself, I should just take up residency and start paying rent for the amount of time I spend in here.


And then came the loneliness,  when my family, friends and coworkers would invite me to go to a school ball game, skiing, or even a dinner get together and I would decline because I just couldn’t function.


When I received the diagnosis of all of these physical and emotional symptoms, something inside of me really changed.


I realized that  our body’s systems – immune, digestive, energy, hormones, etc… are all connected. By changing my eating habits and feeding my body’s systems with the foods and combinations of foods that it recognizes as “Real Food’,  gives my body the freedom to create its own medicine to heal itself.


Bringing full presence to this philosophy and taking action on it, has guided me to put “Real Life back into Living” and living my life with  true vitality both in my professional and personal lives.


This post is is a tip of the enormous iceberg. What is beneath it for you?

Are you ready to step into your Vibrant Health?