Eat the right foods to enhance your individual metabolism

Project YOU: Eat the right foods to enhance your individual metabolism

It is essential to understand that food is the ultimate medicine.

There are no drugs, vitamins, or man-made substances that will influence your health as profoundly as the whole unaltered foods you consume.

Cutting edge research shows that no single diet works well for everyone. The vast majority of diets out there on the market today are of the “Diet-A-Go-Go” or “Take Away” nature, meaning that they advise you to NOT eat or omit foods to correct your compromised state.

Chef Colombe of Life Made Edible has developed a revolutionary Clarity Cleanse that addresses “Diets of Depletion,” and the importance of understanding that our bodies have become compromised because they are depleted or missing vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Creating an internal environment that is capable of Regenerating – Rebalancing & Rebuilding from the ground up.

Our Clarity Cleanse allows us to identify, create and determine a program that suits your individual nutritional needs. By detailing which foods and food combinations are right for you, Chef Colombe and Life Made Edible at last reveal the secret to achieving optimal health, lasting energy and vitality with lasting results.

Here are just a few benefits:

Are you ready to step into your Vibrant Health?