The Cause and Management of Candida

The Cause and Management of Candida

Q. Is the candida albicans fungus in the body good or bad for us?

A. Good.

It is the indicator that our body is still toxic. Candida itself is part of a healthy biological terrain. It is “candida overgrowth” that is behind the majority of health complaints known today. Candida overgrowth stems from a condition in the body whereby:

  1. the probiotics are in short supply (from the use of antibiotics, dental fillings, chemical & radiation therapies, etc.), and
  2. the food being consumed feeds the candida more than the probiotics.

Q. Should we seek to eradicate 100% of the candida albicans from the body?

A. No.

Candida serves a valuable function in the body by consuming:

  1. Undigested food (toxic waste in the gut),
  2. Heavy metals,
  3. Excessive sugar levels,
  4. Chemicals, processed food and other poisons.

Q. What are the signs of candida overgrowth in the body?

  1. Poor digestion, bloated stomach after a meal,
  2. Acid reflux
  3. Heartburn,
  4. Cycling between constipation and diarrhea,
  5. Pop belly,
  6. Red nose and facial blotches,
  7. Light colored splotches on the skin,
  8. Dry scaly rashes,
  9. Hormone imbalances,
  10. Yeast infections,
  11. Sluggish energy, especially upon rising and after a meal,
  12. Kidney and adrenal stresses,
  13. Brain fog,
  14. Loss of memory,
  15. Spaciness,
  16. Prostate dysfunction,
  17. Loss of sexual drive and difficulty during performance,
  18. Many other symptoms.

Q. What are the primary causes of candida overgrowth?

A. Reduced probiotic count in the body from:

  1. The first use of antibiotics (even as an infant). It only takes one dose to set you up for a life with a candida overgrowth predisposition
  2. Drinking and bathing in chlorinated water.
  3. A diet high in sweets & oils, acid food & drink, breads, bananas or nuts
  4. Silver/Mercury amalgam dental fillings
  5. Radiation from medical tests and the environment
  6. Birth control pills
  7. Plastics that increase the estrogen counts in the body
  8. Soy products (because they also increase estrogen in the body)
  9. Health supplements that are not Whole Earthen Resources causing nutrient and hormonal imbalances in the body,
  10. Non-organic foods and processed, chemical-laden foods
  11. Low bile function – therefore undigested food turning to poison in the gut

It goes without saying that the diet must be improved in order to obtain the best results (even the best of the “health food diets” tend to contain candida promoting food choices or combinations).

Q. If I still have silver-mercury amalgam dental fillings can I ever get rid of candida overgrowth?

A. No, for two reasons:

  1. Candida feeds on the mercury vapors being released every time you chew something.
  2. Mercury residues kill off your friendly flora necessary for proper digestion.

    Note: Having mercury fillings in your mouth will prevent you from ever having total health, and is one reason our society has noticed a severe decline in overall health levels in the last 100 years, yet getting amalgams out, even safely, will cause a more serious degeneration to your health than having them in – unless the removal procedure is immediately followed by an aggressive program of clay baths, clay facials, clay mouth swishes, head packs with clay and regular consumption of green superfoods with seaweeds, which are powerful detoxifiers of heavy metals.

Q. Are yeast infections caused by eating yeast?

A. No.

Some yeast is essential to good digestion. Yeast infections are caused by eating things that the candida yeast feeds on:

  1. Sugar
  2. Pastries
  3. Sweetened chocolate often made with soy or dairy
  4. Nuts & oils combined with sweets or starches (i.e. fruits and nuts together, almond butter on bread, french fries, corn chips, etc.)
  5. Acid drinks like fruit juices, cokes & coffee (especially when sweetened or combined with dairy or soy)
  6. Alcohol
  7. Birth control pills (chemical estrogen)
  8. Bananas, as the worst of all fruits to consume (especially when combined with nuts or almond milk or other oils)

Q. Will eating mushrooms cause candida overgrowth?

A. No.

Some mushrooms are anti-fungal. But, eating non-organic mushrooms will increase candida due to the pesticides in them.

Q. What can I do to manage my candida?

A. Reduce toxic loads in the body:

  1. Take Clay Baths & All Night Foot Poultices with Gaia’s Clay & Salt of the Earth.
  2. Eat more fiber and chlorophyll-rich superfoods.
  3. Get your amalgams removed safely (use clay immediately after the removal).
  4. Put at least some clay in your bath and drinking water, especially in your cooking water.
  5. Do a Shower Slurry with clay during your shower.
  6. Eliminate the use of chemicals wherever possible.
  7. Improve the diet and eat more alkaline foods.
  8. Eat bitter foods and bitter herbs (Enzymes for Life).
  9. Reduce your health supplements to nothing but whole earthen food supplements.
  10. Separate your oils and your sweets or starches with bitter herbs and bitter foods.
  11. Reduce the acid drinks and foods in the diet.
  12. Increase the alkaline foods and superfoods in the diet.
  13. Eat less meat, nuts, cheese, and eggs, and eat more avocados, nutritional mushrooms (shiitake, portobello, maitaki, morrell, chanterelle, etc.).
  14. Consume Soil Based Organism probiotics (Clearly You).
  15. Build a stronger immune system (Ideal Immunity).
  16. Grow your own food.

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