Building a Strong and Balanced Endocrine System

Building a Strong and Balanced Endocrine System

An Unprecedented Rise In Hormonal Imbalances

Thyroid imbalances, both high & low, have increased over the last several decades, along with unprecedented amounts of adrenal and pancreas imbalances, coupled with reproductive imbalances and the lesser reported imbalances of the parathyroid, thymus, pineal, and pituitary.

These are your primary endocrine glands (hormone producers).

There are other hormone producers in the body like the liver (a regulator of steroid hormones). Even fat cells are on the list since they produce a hormone called leptin that assists the hypothalamus to decide whether to store or burn fat – marking another area where we have also seen an unprecedented rise of imbalances.

Why such an across the board increase in the number and severity of hormone related imbalances?

The following list includes a few of the most common contributing factors affecting the normal functioning of our hormone producing glands:

  1. Mineral deficient foods,
  2. The use of concentrated sweeteners (both “natural” and artificial),
  3. The use of stimulants
  4. “Natural” vitamin and mineral formulas (which are merely small pieces of herbs or earthen foods rather than “whole earthen foods” like the whole herb, or clay, or seaweed, etc.)
  5. Bioidentical or chemical hormone replacement therapies (HRT) causing long term imbalances
  6. Parasites
  7. Chemical-laden processed foods
  8. Environmental toxins
  9. Mercury dental fillings
  10. The use of antibiotics
  11. Immunization shots
  12. Pharmaceutical drugs laced with heavy metals and other poisons
  13. And the list goes on.

The most prevalent causes of thyroid imbalance are:

  • Mineral deficiency or mineral excesses (like too much sulfur or calcium),
  • Compounded by toxic chemicals,
  • Radiation,
  • Heavy metals in the body,
  • Parasites or other pathogens,
  • And fungal overgrowth.

The primary hormonally-related contributing factors to thyroid imbalance are adrenal fatigue and dysregulation from the hypothalamus and/or pituitary, since thyroid regulating hormones are manufactured by or influenced by the adrenals, the pituitary and the hypothalamus.

The hypothalamus produces thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH). TRH prompts the pituitary gland to produce thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH). The thyroid then produces T-3 & T-4 based on recommendations from the pituitary.

All four glands require a wide range of minerals to function properly (not just iodine or extra thyroid hormones).

Adrenal weaknesses are best addressed with minerals from earths and seaweeds, adaptogenic herbs, and a conscious diet low (or absent) in stimulants and concentrated sweets.

Life stress contributes to adrenal fatigue, as does candida overgrowth (from poor food combining and the former use of antibiotics).

Toxins and heavy metals are another contributor to adrenal fatigue.

The normal functioning of the hypothalamus is disturbed by chemicals in our food/environment, emotional stress, heavy metals and mineral deficiency.

The pituitary is affected similarly from environmental toxins, mineral imbalances or deficiency, radiation and psychic stress.

Neither iodine nor hormone replacement therapy (bioidentical or synthetic) will resolve any of these problems over the long run. The reason is because they address only minute pieces of the big picture.

Whole earthen foods (clays, seaweeds, algae, herbs, etc.), on the other hand, address greater aspects of the big picture. When combined in certain ways, with a conscious diet and skillful management of life stresses, they cover all of the significant areas required to restore normal functioning to the entire endocrine system, including the thyroid.

When the entire endocrine system is functioning in a state of balance, it is more difficult for one or more glands to be thrown off. They support each other. In fact, they are intricately linked together in the business of keeping your body functioning at an optimal state of health.

Detoxing the harmful chemicals and heavy metals is clearly an essential component of a wise rebuilding program.

We accomplish this with:

1) Living Waters Bath Kit (Gaia’s Cleansing Clay with the addition of Salt of the Earth),

2) Internal consumption of Clearly You and one or more of our mineral blends (Gaia’s Cleansing Clay, Enzymes for Life, Ideal Immunity),

Enzymes for Life

3) Improved digestion with Enzymes for Life (also helps the liver detox chemicals and heavy metals, and helps the liver to remove hormonal excesses),

4) Consumption of fermented foods (especially beet kvass & sauerkraut) and steamed asparagus (all of which help detox heavy metals and improve digestion),

5) Consumption of Ideal Immunity (with Soil Based Organism source with prebiotics).

Clearly You

Keeping the body at a neutral pH is important for optimal health. This is easily accomplished with a regular meal addition of Clearly YOU.

These superfoods will reduce the munchies, reduce the amount of food desired during a meal, and will provide an excellent broad spectrum, nutrient base for the body from the large variety of whole earthen foods included in the formulas – turns even a salad into a satisfying meal.

Ideal Immunity

As a broad spectrum immune enhancement, I recommend the use of Ideal Immunity and Nutritional Yeast. These components will stimulate immune responses which, in turn, reduce parasites, candida overgrowth, and a long list of pathogens.

Ideal Immunity contains a large variety of Nature’s best immune system builders. Since your immune system is capable of creating over 100 million antibodies (when functioning well), instead of targeting pathogens, like an antibiotic or colloidal silver (both of which stop working overtime), a strong immune system will provide immune resistance for your entire life.

Nutritional Yeast does not aggravate a candida yeast condition – it helps to resolve it instead.

Adding Nutritional Yeast to your Clearly YOU provides an addition boost of energy and an immediate improvement in how well your digestion feels. It is extremely abundant form of nutrition, and research indicates profound health benefits from its use on a daily basis.

Address the Big Picture and the Details Correct Themselves

By looking at the “big picture” of endocrine health, addressing a thyroid imbalance with simple detox protocols and basic superfood nourishment (seaweeds, minerals and adaptogenic herbs), the entire endocrine system will begin its move back toward complete balance – regardless the problem originally.

The body knows exactly what to do with the whole earthen foods that you feed it, and will naturally restore balance according to its own internal wisdom.

All we have to do is remove the offending toxins and feed the body with “real food.” The body will break down the real food into millions of ingredients and reform it into its own brand of healing compounds, and with this self-created nourishment it will heal itself.

Are you ready to step into your Vibrant Health?