Three Principles for Vibrant Health – Part 3: Rebuild Your Strength and Youthfulness


Cleansing and nourishing the body fully will naturally produce a movement within toward greater youthfulness.

Energy levels will perk up, moods will improve, physical endurance will increase during workouts or late hours behind the desk, foods will digest better, the mind will be clearer, drive, curiosity, and the desire to explore new avenues will return, feelings of wellbeing will increase, the heart will be more open, and contentment with self and life will grow.

Even though the health benefits derived from the above two practices (Regenerate & Rebalance) may be rewards enough, once accomplished, life will begin to feel so good that even more will be desired.

This is where an emphasis on Rebuilding comes in.

Rebuilding means to increase youthfulness by building strength, health and a higher quality of life on an increasing basis. It is possible to enjoy your later years in life as a vital, strong and healthy human. It can be as good as you are willing to make it.

Nature has given us a number of resources to increase our basic constitution, repair damage to the foundational DNA, and build vitality in every system of the body. Nature accomplishes these tasks by simply nourishing the body with the raw materials that the body needs to fulfill them.

The body, working in concert with the natural laws of physiology, then takes the raw materials and converts them into proteins, hormones, enzymes and the multitude of biological chemicals needed to perform basic functions. Nourished properly, the body will clean house, build new cells and naturally increase vitality.

Nourishing substances are also youth-building when taken over longer periods of time. Within the group of nourishing substances there are six basic categories considered to be the most effective natural substances available to the world today for the purpose of rejuvenating the human body:

1.  Highly charged water (used for drinking and bathing),
2.  Sunlight,
3.  Electrolyte-rich clays and ocean salts,
4.  Stem cell enhancing foods like blue green algae, seaweeds and phytoplankton,
5.  Adaptogenic herbs, and
6.  Angstrom minerals found in our Gaia’s Cleansing Clay

What is the secret to Gaia’s Cleansing Clay that provides it with such a powerful anti-aging mechanism?
Angstrom Minerals found in Gaia’s Cleansing Clay, along with a full spectrum of macro and trace minerals in a natural, unaltered balance. 

No heat or chemicals are used in the processing of this Gaia’s Cleansing Clay possesses a broad range of angstrom minerals in combination with a full spectrum of macro and trace minerals in a natural, unaltered balance. (No heat or chemicals used.)

What are Angstrom Minerals?

Angstrom Minerals are the smallest version possible of an element on the Periodic Table. Angstrom minerals are smaller than colloidal and smaller than ionic minerals.

They are elements such as gold, silver, copper, platinum, iridium, indium, etc. in single or double atom configurations. They are the most bioavailable of all the minerals and produce the most potent influences on the human physiology.

Angstrom minerals nourish the entire hormonal system at once, providing energy during the day and sound, deep rest at night. They nourish your DNA and heal mutations derived from our toxic environment. They restore your DNA back to its more youthful, perfected state.

All new cells replicated thereafter become healthier, more youthful cells.

The quantity of angstrom minerals in Gaia’s Clay are so abundant that few people will need more than 1/32th of a teaspoon per day to experience increased wellbeing and vitality. Effects of a single dose can carry a diminishing influence on your stress loads for as long as three days.

Anticipate increased stamina during walks, workouts, long hours at the desk, etc., better moods throughout the day, more energy, deeper meditations, more powerful chi flow during chi gong or yoga, and a great sense of wellbeing!

Life Made Edible’s “Empowerment Programs, Supplements and Clarity Cleanse Kits” provide you with the knowledge, support and accountability for you to make gradual lifestyle changes, and a commitment to help you take charge of our own health.

By combining these three commonsense approaches –Regenerate, Rebalance, Rebuild– into a health building program, you are likely to move light years ahead of the standard, “target the diseases” based approach.

You will soon be experiencing an increasing quality of life that simply gets better and better with each passing year. Enjoy the very best of health!

Are you ready to step into your Vibrant Health?