You Can Taste It

Vibrant Health Coaching For
Your Total Wellbeing

Your body has the power to heal itself and reward you with high vitality.


Regenerate yourself with the perfect combination and quality of life-giving nourishment to unlock greater energy and vibrancy throughout your life.

Are You Ready to Put Real Life

Back Into Living

Hi, Colombe here.


I appreciate you being here, because it means you’re making your vibrant health a priority.

Maybe you’ve felt like staying healthy is a struggle. Or you find yourself stressing out and micromanaging every aspect of your diet, your lifestyle, your self-care, just to feel like you’re making progress.


You KNOW you’re capable of feeling and living your best. You can practically taste it, but it’s always just out of touch.


Achieving and sustaining true holistic health is easier than it seems. If you can address what’s truly going on underneath (the core issue), and replenish your systems with exactly what your body needs, you can unlock your natural ability to heal and transform from the inside out.


Whether you’re dealing with a serious illness, or feeling “ok’” and seeking to break through your current health plateau, we’ll walk the best path towards your vibrant health together.

You can begin to experience…

  • Heal any dis-ease
  • Wake up with boundless energy
  • Feel balanced in mind and body
  • Have less “brain fog”
  • Get more done doing what you love.

Wellness Chef & Vibrant Health Coach


Are you ready to bring your vibrant health vision to life?


Restore Your Body’s Natural Wellbeing

With Vibrant Health Coaching, you’ll receive the exact guidance, support and plan you need to heal your body from the inside out, replenish life giving systems, and build long-term holistic support.

It’s designed to remove the root/original causes of dis-ease or disharmony within your body and unlock your system’s natural wisdom to heal. From this place), you can step powerfully into your most vibrant health.

Imagine living a life where you didn’t feel the need to CONTROL your health, or worry whether you’re ever going to have the same energy or wellbeing ever again.

Through the proven Vibrant Health Approach, you’ll discover new levels of energy throughout your day, resilience against sickness, clarity in mind, and the confidence that you truly are the master of your own health.

Explore how Vibrant Health Coaching can help you embody your most vibrant self.

Vibrant Health Success Stories

Vibrant Health Success Stories


Support Your Body & Mind with Truly Nourishing Earthen Formulas

Edible Earthen Essentials (3E) offer a pathway to self-healing through both botanical nourishment from nature and personal introspections that constantly remind us of the True Nature of Life.


All 3E formulas are made only with CGW ingredients (consciously grown without chemicals, certified organic, or wildcrafted).


They are designed with love while supporting and empowering your gradual transformation of lifestyle and dietary habits.


Each Edible Earthen supplement is uniquely tailored to help nourish and build a specific body system, so you can bring your entire body back into harmony and create a true lasting foundation for your vibrant health.


My Path to Vibrant Health Wasn’t Easy

I have been very lucky in my life to have had a strong interest and education in the sciences, and a deep appreciation for the power of food and nutrition.

Those two passions saved my life when I was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 23.


When I recognized that traditional medicine was not going to save me, I truly began my own path towards Vibrant Health and discovering my body’s own innate power to heal from the inside out.

Vibrant Health Success Stories

Vibrant Health Success Stories



Together we’ll envision your unique vibrant health goals and discover the most aligned way for you to feel (and live) your best.