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success stories

Pete M.

Chef Colombe focused on the root causes of my health issues by doing a full evaluation of my existing diet, the medicines I was taking (both prescription and supplements), and carefully listening as I explained my symptoms. She accurately diagnosed what was causing me years of health problems and rather than pushing a litany of supplements and pills, which is the norm these days, she prescribed a specialized diet and the emotional support I needed to get better. I am no longer eating unhealthy foods, nor taking multiple prescription medications and numerous unnecessary supplements. My health issues have subsided, I’ve lost weight, I feel better, and I am eating the right foods. I am just so grateful to Chef Colombe for helping me to regain my health.

Marty K.

After Chef Colombe compassionately listened to our daughter’s medical challenges, her warm personality and humor set the stage for a great relationship of trust. Using her gift of understanding the ‘are and science of food’, Chef Colombe carefully planned and structured our daughter’s daily snacks and meals, not only to meet her medical needs, but also to compliment her naturopath’s recommendations. Chef Colombe has tastefully and skillfully bridged the gap from doctor’s office to dinner table. Today, our daughter’s quality of life has substantially improved. Once orthostatic intolerant, today she stands and walks! What a blessing Chef Colombe has been to our family! Thanks so much.

Angie K. (14 years old)

Chef Colombe, with her cheerful personality and delicious recipes, gave me a new found hope in food and showed me how it can help my immune system. Within weeks of starting her Vibrant Health program, I was more energetic, less dizzy, and walking! My family is truly blessed and thankful to know her and we are looking forward to continuing to work with her. She gives me hope and I am learning how important food is for our body.


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